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Over the years Indigo Consulting Group has acquired a vast knowledge base that includes expertise on performance management, leadership building, structure re-design, manpower planning, job design, reward systems and well-aligned human resources. Here you will find more details on our expertise and HR consultants

# Performance Management & The Balanced Scorecard

What gets measured gets done. Performance management is about setting business goals throughout the company that are aligned with strategy and coaching employees throughout the year to achieve those goals.

A number of companies use the Balanced Scorecard to help them identify high-level business objectives, and then to cascade these down the organization layer by layer. Our approach helps companies to lift their performance by helping people to do the right things as well as identifying work behaviors that are associated with successful results.

# Leadership Building

Leadership is not just a role for the chosen few. Many people with the right amount of training, coaching, and desire can become effective leaders. Lower level professional positions typically call for people to do things themselves. In more senior positions, however, the challenge is to get things done through others.

Regrettably, many companies promote successful middle managers into leadership positions without providing them any direction or preparation on how to be effective according to this new way of doing things.

Indigo Consulting Group runs a range of leadership building programs for executives to help them to understand their current management styles, and to provide them with a mental picture of what effective leadership looks like.

This program is supported with one-on-one coaching over a period of six months to a year to reinforce the learning as well as to enhance their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is widely considered as a critical competency of people in positions of influence.

# Structure Re-Design & Manpower Planning

An important element in strategy implementation is designing an effective structure. Our Structure Re-Design program ensures that work is divided and grouped appropriately, and key areas of accountability are clearly identified. Coordination mechanisms then integrate the various activities. Work processes are subsequently optimized for efficiency, and work is analyzed for manpower planning and requirements. We also benchmark with best practice and build this into our recommendations.

# Job Design & Reward System Design - HR Consultants

Job design is inextricably linked with organizational structure and manpower planning. At Indigo Consulting Group, we help companies to design jobs to deliver strategic priorities

#Well-aligned Human Resources & A Healthy Bottom Line

Indigo Consulting Group was established to assist clients in resolving Human Resources related and organizational issues. We understand the needs of both local and multinational organizations and create business solutions that are practical, implementable, and bottom-line oriented, that is the extent of our knowledge base

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