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Why us? Its simple really - Indigo Consulting Group has be operating in SE Asia since 2003 and has a combined 50 plus years dealing with human resources and supplying HR services and HR consultants to companies ranging from small to enterprise. Our office is located in Bangkok. We get credibility from many enterprises in Thailand. Their experience is second to none and the results speak for themselves.

Organizational Diagnostic

Our approach is one of truly seeking to understand our clients' needs, usually by conducting an organizational diagnostic. This enables us to determine the dynamics of the HR systems and processes, and then to plan a strategy to enhance people management systems and organizational performance.

Managing Human Resources

Why choose Indigo Consulting Group? Because we appreciate that managing people is one of the most challenging aspects of organizational life. At the same time, we understand the success factors related to the role of leadership. As such, we are able to create a model of organizational success, and identify how well each client is aligned with the model. We can then recommend approaches for enhancement of the way things are being done.

Our HR Consultants Can Manage Singular Interventions

At the same time, we can manage singular interventions, such as the design of a salary structure, coaching a new leader, identifying a new vision and mission, organizational turnaround, etc. – according to the specific requirements of the client.

Value Creation

Why us? Because a critical success factor for Indigo Consulting Group is value creation. We make every effort to deliver over and above our original scope, and our clients find our fees to be very reasonable for the value that we create. In short, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to give them the solutions they are looking for – and beyond.

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